Choosing a location for your wedding can be a stressful task. There’s location and costs to consider, size in order to accommodate all your guests, not to mention figuring out whether it matches the dream wedding you’ve been picturing in your mind for months. With so many places to choose from, I thought I would […]

Best STL wants you to book your Microsoft training courses with complete confidence. This is great for small businesses and companies because they can fit this into their calendar as they plan for a new year. Throughout the UK, Best STL is ranked #1 for their services. Clients always give great feedback about the training […]

It’s Christmas time just around the corner that means thinking about traditions and Christmas dinner. We all have our favorite Christmas family traditions. One of my favorite was as a child Christmas Eve was spent at my grandmother’s and grandfather’s house with all the cousins. Everyone had a gift to open and every year my […]

The popular anti-virus wizard John McAfee has finally been found. After weeks of being under the international watch he was caught by a hacker who tracked him as he decided to use his cellphone. It would seem like a harmless tool to me and you but in this day and age it has more power […]

Today, kids love gadgets. So, if there’s a way to keep them entertained in creative and educational ways, that’s a great thing! Playing non-educational games is so 2000. Why not educate them at the same time? Here’s a look at some of the most recent top apps for kids. First is called “Toddler Maze 123.” […]