In the work world, the bottom line is important, making money is what a business needs to keep going. However, in the healthcare industry the “making money” part is not so simple. Medical professionals provide a health service to their patients and then they must file paperwork to the insurance company for payment.

If any of the paperwork is wrong, payment is delayed and the claim forms need to be filled out again. This is an exasperating process, especially for healthcare professionals who want to provide their patients with the best of care, but that sometimes does not happen due to payment delays.

What if there was affordable Medical Claim software that can ensure a high first pass claim rate, and make managing the office easier? There is and it is medical billing software provided by CollaborateMD. CollaborateMD is cloud-based, secure, medical practice software, that healthcare providers pay a monthly fee.

The transition from the current management software to the Collaborate MD software is easy with their implementation support specialists. Often times, other medical billing software companies will charge practices extra for limited amount of software support, this is not the case with CollaborateMD. Each monthly payment plan comes with unlimited support via the phone, email, live chat, or join the online support forum. They also provide on-line tutorials to guarantee those working with the software are able to get familiar with its many functions and operations.

The Key Features:

  • Claim Tracking, Code Scrubbing, Real-Time Patient Eligibility, Claim Control
  • Custom 125+ Reports in the Central Intelligence Business Center
  • Unlimited User’s with User Permission set up
  • Patient Records
  • Appointment Scheduling, Task Reminders, and more

Collaborate MD actively takes part in updating the software on a regular basis at no charge to the medical practices using their software. They are determined to have the highest quality product with the ability to help small and large medical practices run efficiently while being paid faster for the health services they provide.

Who can take advantage of this affordable user-friendly medical management software? Everyone in the healthcare services industry, many small practices have already switched over, and there is no set up fee to get started. Click here to contact a sales representative today!