When I was young, I used to change my hair color or hairstyle when I entered a new chapter of my life.  I felt what was changing on the inside needed an outward sign of change also.  I imagine for those who have suffered from abuse or scarring from an accident needs a fresh start as well.  Dr. Gross, one of the top plastic surgeons in Orlando FL is affiliated with a humanitarian program call Face-to-Face.

Face-to-Face was founded in 1992 through the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery.  It takes up where fellow doctors of the World Wars left off.  Plastic surgery played a huge part in restoring appearance to injured military service men.  Dr. Gross through the involvement of this charitable program helps many military service men and women, children who suffer deformities, and women who have endured domestic violence.

What are some of the ways that Dr. Gross suggests to prevent scarring?  The Orlando plastic surgeon says, “Triple Antibiotic and Neosporin Ointment should NEVER be used on the face as it is associated with high levels of contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, and potential scar formation.”  However, he does go on to recommend plain Vaseline.

It generally goes without saying that scars make people feel self-conscious.  Scar therapy would be the form of action.  You would need to set up a consultation through Primera Plastic Surgery with Dr. Gross. Dr. Gross is the main surgeon at Primera Plastic Surgery and thoroughly involved in the process of every patient from beginning to end.  One patient testifies that she even received a checkup phone call from Dr. Gross the night she was recovering from surgery.

During consultation, he will be able to determine the scar therapy treatment for you specifically.  Often, people can expect some sort of Laser treatment or peel.  Whatever is determined be assured that Dr. Gross has 18 years of experience and can be contacted from consult through his website, email, or by phone.