If you are registered nurse, with close to two years of experience under your belt, it might be time to consider travel nursing. A great way to getting started as a traveling nurse is to sign up with a travel nurse agency for Per Diem jobs. Working Per Diem jobs in a hospital could be […]

Life insurance is a great product for many reasons, it provides a financial safety net in the case of loss to a loved one, but it also offers financial compensation to someone like a business partner in the event of your death. What does that mean exactly? Does that mean a business partner can purchase […]

In the work world, the bottom line is important, making money is what a business needs to keep going. However, in the healthcare industry the “making money” part is not so simple. Medical professionals provide a health service to their patients and then they must file paperwork to the insurance company for payment. If any […]

Quality is better than quantity, a cliché phrase with a profound truth. People want quality, especially when it comes to email marketing campaigns. People subscribe to newsletters and company product information for many reasons. If their email is taken advantage of, let us say a company sends two emails a day soliciting their products, a […]

When I was young, I used to change my hair color or hairstyle when I entered a new chapter of my life.  I felt what was changing on the inside needed an outward sign of change also.  I imagine for those who have suffered from abuse or scarring from an accident needs a fresh start […]

Best STL wants you to book your Microsoft training courses with complete confidence. This is great for small businesses and companies because they can fit this into their calendar as they plan for a new year. Throughout the UK, Best STL is ranked #1 for their services. Clients always give great feedback about the training […]