Brightfleet wants to see drivers working towards practicing safe driving habits. In order to truly see this come to light they have decided to think outside of the box. Over the years driving accidents has increased due to the amount of distractions that the kids have now a days. Most times it involves the cellphone but here is where innovation meets reality.

Well, if kids are on their cellphones and that is causing more accidents than usual why not create applications that reward or teach kids how to drive safely. They do have these applications and they will be discussed today.

The first app is known as DriveOff. This is app was developed by the car insurance company by the name of “Esure.” With the use of the app it can detect is someone is driving over 10 mph, and will close any other apps that would normally be very distracting. This application will also halt temporary calls and incoming texts. This way all the focus can be on the road and nothing more. This application goes one step further and creates a static screensaver, which makes one not want to look at their phone.

DriveMode is another application that is available with AT&T. Anyone who believes in practicing fleet risk management would recommend this application. Texting while driving can give you a bad reputation so always check with The Management that your online reputation management is up to scratch.  Once the car begins moving more than 25 mph the application begins to perform. Everything from calls, to texts, to emails, to picture messaging can all be blocked while driving. The application lets those who are texting that the person is currently driving and will text them back as soon as they can. This is available for Android and Blackberry phones.

Fleet safety professionals would also agree that through applications are great ways to get people to drive safe again. This free app known as DriveScribe turns the cellphone into a safe driving device and it’s a great tool for showing parents how to relax themselves and not stress their teen while driving. This app will also tell a drive to slow down if they are going faster than they should. There are also reports that can be assessed thereafter.

With these applications there is a hope that driving accidents will be minimized.