Jack Nicklaus has accomplished much more than being a golf legend; he is founder of golf course design firm. Although there are over 300 golf course open for play, six are in Murcia Spain. If you are looking for the perfect place to golf overseas, than the Polaris World Golf Resorts is the answer.

Each one of the resorts are directly located on an 18 hole Nicklaus designed golf course. These resorts, of course, provide luxury activities, such as swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness centres, and children playgrounds. They are all located within minutes of the beach, town centres, restaurants, and local shopping.

Bored is the last thing you will feel living in one of the 1, 2, 3 bedroom villas available through Polaris World. The beaches are serene, with miles of golden sand beaches and clean waters along the Mar Menor Sea. Murcia Spain being located so near the equator has tropical climate weather. Their coldest month is in January and it ranges in 60 degree Fahrenheit during the day and 40 lows.

Orchards, vineyards, and mountain ranges cover the gorgeous landscapes of the Murcia Spain region. The Condado de Alhama, one of the six Polaris World Resorts, is located near the Al Kasar town centre and has been completed since the summer of 2009. Considered the most affordable of all the Polaris World properties, prices start at €40,425.00.  

Celebrate in the lap of luxury at an affordable price, the Condado de Alhama. This Polaris World Resort has 20 swimming pools for all the apartments, and the views are unbeatable. One of the nearby attractions, the Sierra Espuna National Park is home to 25,000 hectares and consists of recreation walks, recreation areas, restaurants, with shady Pines to keep cool during the hot summers.