If you have an outdated kitchen, then update the kitchen quickly by simply changing the bushboard worktops or changing out the splash backs. Add to your kitchen gorgeous granite, stone, wood, and crystal designs with the Encore Worktops premier line, or choose from 56 different designs available in the Omega and Prima Worktops designs.

Clearly Interiors has a dedicated team of designers to help you with home improvements in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. They have an available showroom; visit their website www.clearlyinteriors.com, to find a location near you. The Encore worktops should be purchased with the Encore customer care kit and installation package.

The Encore Installation Kit includes, “all necessary materials to install one kitchen.” These premier worktops are simple, with clean lines leaving any kitchen looking updated and sleek. They come in 14 colours ranging from blacks, blues, chocolates, light neutrals, whites, and greys. The Encore Worktops also come with the option of purchasing the Encore Double Acrylic Bowl Sink or the Encore Single Acrylic Bowl Sink.

If you decide to go with any of the designs within the Omega worktops or the Prima worktops, those each come with 6 different types of finishes giving your kitchen the look you desire. Clearly Interiors does offer free samples, but the number of samples is limited. For instance, if you are going for a fun, contemporary, and vibrant kitchen design the Omega worktops have the options of Florida Gloss (Bright Orange), Rose Gloss (Bright Pink), and finally Lime Gloss.

Really make the kitchen design fun and unique while staying on budget, when changing the worktops with a bushboard worktop from Clearly Interiors. They deliver to any address on the UK mainland; usually only one driver delivers and they are not insured to bring the worktops into the property. When ordering one of the bushboard worktops from Clearly Interiors be sure to have two strong and abled bodies at the home for the delivery.