Today, kids love gadgets. So, if there’s a way to keep them entertained in creative and educational ways, that’s a great thing! Playing non-educational games is so 2000. Why not educate them at the same time? Here’s a look at some of the most recent top apps for kids.

First is called “Toddler Maze 123.” This app includes twenty great designed and very simple mazes and is great for starters for young children. These help kids with the understanding of using multi-touch screens. This is very easy to use, educational and very entertaining with a cost of $1.99.

Another app is called “Oh the Pets You Can Get” and is another great educational app. This is also great for beginning readers and shares facts in a fun way for kids. Kids hear the sounds and look of hundreds of common words that people use today. This is geared for kids ages 4 and up.

A third app is called “My Look and Find Book.” This is for children ages 3 and older and is a fun hunt and find experience that has some great illustrations. The purpose is to travel through each scene to find all of the different clues using the camera to take pictures.

Another great kids app is called “Toca Hair Salon 2” for ages 3 and older. Fun app for kids where kids can trim and fix up the cute characters. The last app is called “Kindergarten Reading.” There are several fast paced early reading activities for kids.

These are some of the best top apps this past week.