Thin hair is a struggle for many women, however, products promising more volume they often disappoint. What is the solution to dealing with thin hair; there are a couple of ways to dealing with thinning or thin hair. The first and quickest way to thickening a head of hair is to look into real hair hair extensions from Buyhair.

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Although thinning hair is generally a genetic trait there are ways of getting thicker healthier hair through diets, proper vitamins, and drinking plenty of H2O. Eat plenty of foods that include omega-3 fatty acids, an often a health food store will have supplements that increase hair strength and encourage hair growth. Before starting on any supplemental routine it is always best to speak with a physician first.

Once trying the hair extensions think about making a trip to the salon and asking a stylist about hair extensions that stay in the hair for longer lengths of time. The stylist will also be able to recommend the best hair thickening conditioner. Remember that some hair extensions require specific hair care, so ask the stylist about hair products for extensions, many of them easily purchased through Buyhair Hair supermarket online, click to view site.