The winner of the Aurora Wards for 2012, Signature Landscape contractors has provided quality service and commitment to the community of Orlando, Florida. Every project that this group puts their hands on has an extra dosage of love and affection provided along with it. Being experts in the field they appreciate being able to provide their skills to help others make their lawns beautiful. Listed below will be tips on how to mow the lawn.

A homeowner’s lawn is everything. When taking care of the lawn it should be cut every 1 to 2 weeks. This will help greatly for the proper growth of the lawn and promote growth even through tough climates.

Signature Landscaping never mows the lawn in the same way. Always cut in a different direction in order to not damage or hurt the lawn from repetitively cutting it the same way. Height is important as well. A homeowner should determine how high they would like their grass to be.

One of the best times to mow the grass is when it is dry. Mowing the grass during any other times is not only going to cause a mess but the grass needs to be dry in order to reduce clumping and other things that can damage the lawn.

Walk the lawn first says, Signature Landscapes Winter Park. Pick up any toys, sticks and other things that have been left out on the lawn before cutting it. This prevents the lawn mower from seeing damage and makes cutting the lawn more efficient.

Think smart and think about safety. Wear shoes and wear protections over the eyes. Mowing the lawn shouldn’t always be taken lightly. One can really hurt themselves if they do not take the proper measures of safety before going out and cutting the lawn.

With these tips homeowners everywhere will soon become great mowers of their lawns.