I am fascinated by meanings and hidden messages. One of my all-time favourite movies is the Da Vinci Code, simply because there was an underlying meaning around every corner. When I meet new people, I like to look into the meaning of their names and personality types. I love gemstones have meaning and significance. Thus, when I planned my wedding flowers, I wanted it to mean something if not to anybody else, but to myself.

I had flowers wreathed around my head as if I were a woodland fairy princess and wildflowers laced throughout my wedding bouquet and bridesmaid’s bouquets. My flower bouquet and flower head wreath consisted of Aster (Contentment), Gardenia (Joy), Daisy (Innocence), White Roses (Purity), Ivy (Fidelity), and White wildflowers (truth). My bridesmaid’s bouquet carried an assortment of what was in my wedding bouquet, plus Hydrangea (perseverance).

Other women may go the route of all red roses, but my wedding was in an open-air chapel overlooking the mountains. It was a perfect summer day, with a slight breeze, and I felt my flowers and their meaning were a perfect fit to the start of my new life with my husband.

I am sentimental, to say the least, thinking back on that day. The flowers were as a big a part of the day as the dress I chose to wear and the place we chose to say our vows. If I close my eyes, and imagine the day as it was I could almost still smell the fragrance of the flowers.

Every couple deserves that special day where they declare their lives as one in front of friends and family. Why not add the “little” extra touch of sharing a message to each other through the flowers in the wedding bouquet and in the centerpieces.