The popular anti-virus wizard John McAfee has finally been found. After weeks of being under the international watch he was caught by a hacker who tracked him as he decided to use his cellphone.

It would seem like a harmless tool to me and you but in this day and age it has more power than you could think of. McAfee has been under the international watch after a neighbor turned up dead near McAfee’s beach-side home earlier in November.

McAfee of course is stating that he had nothing to do with the matter and that is all they have from him in regards to the matter. With authorities not being able to catch McAfee the hacker by the name of “Simple Nomad” took matters into his own hand after seeing a post from a Journalist reporting McAfee’s location being “secret.” The picture that took the phone was done through a smartphone and with today’s smartphone it also gives a location as well in regards to where the pic was taken.

After that the hacker simply provided authorities with the location of McAfee and from there everything else was cake. After simple nomad tweeted the information it then started quite the buzz across the internet airwaves.

With this said, it makes you think about how easy it is for your information to be stolen by the millions of hackers who surf the world wide web. Police can check this information in many situations and sometimes the user does not even know that the location is being mentioned when the post is being made.

McAfee was denied to have any part in the death of Gregory Faul, 52. With that said McAfee still has a big fear of the police in Belize. Even though McAfee broke from the anti-virus company years ago he still has had quite the dealings in a lot of situations that did not seem to becoming.

Further investigation is being done on the matter.